Best Flannel Shirts/Plaid Shirts to wear in 2021

One of the most flexible pieces in any capsule wardrobe is the flannel shirt. When you need an extra layer to get through those chilly winter days, it’s there for you. As the days shift to evenings during summer beer-garden sessions, it can be worn as a breezy top layer — sleeves rolled up and draped over a T-shirt. For business casual environments, some can even be worn with a tie.

There are few clothes in a man’s wardrobe that can transition from smart to casual from season to season. One among them, though, is the tried-and-true flannel shirt. It’s an absolute must-have, and if you don’t have at least a couple, now is the time to get some.

The greatest flannel shirts are constantly adaptable—you can wear them alone or over a jacket, with jeans, sweatpants, dress trousers, cargoes, or gym shorts—and they’ll never appear out of place. They’re reassuring and tried-and-true, and you’ll need as many as you can muster to get through the winter in style. Here are the top 4 plaid shirts for guys to buy right now, in a variety of heavy plaids, thick stripes, and foliage-inspired tones that will go with any style or wardrobe.

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